Christmas Questions


By Jack, Anya, and Lily

We interviewed 9 people at Lafayette about their thoughts about 3 things about Christmas. The questions were 1) what do you think about not celebrating Christmas at school; 2) do you like spending time with your family or getting presents better, and 3) if you needed a quote about Christmas, what would it be? The first person we interviewed  was Blake G. She’s in 4CJ. She said she didn’t like not celebrating in school because she thinks that it’s a holiday worth celebrating. And for her quote she said, “Christmas makes me feel jolly.”

Next we interviewed Ellie W. from 2S. She said that not celebrating Christmas at school is terrible.  Sydney P. from 4CD also said she doesn’t like that we don’t and thinks it would be fun. Her quote was “Christmas is a good time to get to know each other.”

Our fourth person we interviewed was Sophia A. from 4Coor. She said she was disappointed about not celebrating Christmas in school. For her quote she simply said, “ I don’t eat ham at Christmas.”

The next person and first teacher we interviewed was Ms. Ryden, Peace teacher. She said she thinks that not celebrating Christmas in school is good because it’s unfair to the people who don’t. She added, “ I like Christmas because it’s about love, gratitude, and giving.”  

Our sixth person we interviewed was Coti H. IN 4CJ. He said,  “I like that we don’t because if we did it would spend the school’s money. The lucky 8th person we interviewed was the one and only Ms. Bosurgi, our vice principal. Her answer to our first question was, “ I understand why we don’t because not everyone celebrates. I like learning about all religions and their celebrations so I appreciate our school calling it winter or holiday parties.” Her quote was, “ The holiday is a new opportunity to start again and find more ways to spread, generosity, love, and good cheer.”

The 9th person we interviewed was Katie B. in 3W. She likes that we don’t celebrate in school because for people who celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanzaa it would be unfair. Her quote is, “Presents under the tree. I wonder what they could be.”

The last person we interviewed was Jett T. from 2H.  For our first question he said, “ I think you should celebrate at home not at school.” His quote was, “ Christmas is about family.” Thank you to all the people we interviewed and Merry Christmas!