Student Council interviews

By Will N.

Will interviewed Coti H., Andrew M. and Dylan K. about the student council.

Why did they run? Andrew AND Coti said they ran to practice leadership, but Dylan did just for fun.

Class reps. Are they cool or bad? What is the deal?  Coti and Andrew think that they are good they give people a second chance who still want to be in the student council.  Dylan said they can be nice and annoying.

Should 4th graders have more power? All answered yes [by the way they’re all 4th graders].

What is the student council planning? They said the winter dance, so get ready for the winter dance.

What do they think about the title “co”? Should 4th graders be “4th grade president” or should they be “co prez”?  They all said 4th grade prez.

That’s what your student council is thinking!