“Bed Bath and Beyond” review

By: Lilah W., 4CJ
On November sixteenth, 2017, Lafayette’s very own drama club created a play and they called it, “Bed Bath and Beyond!” In the play, they went to the Bed Bath and Beyond store and went into the beyond. In the beyond, it was a magical land where there was candy all around.

On a scale from one to ten, ten being BEST THING EVER and one being, I didn’t really like it I would give it a 8! My suggestion is that they add even MORE adventure. Other than that it was really good. I liked all the songs and kid actors/ actresses. It was very creative. I liked the idea of Bed Bath and Beyond and it was super smart for them to go into the beyond. It was my dream place to live in a candy world. My suggestion is that they see their sister trapped in the beyond so they go help her and she goes into a rage!!!!!!! That would be very entertaining. I also think they should make up some songs. I also like how they are also different ages than they actually are. In conclusion, I think the play was very good, creative, but I bet it will be better next year! It is always better the next year!!