The Big “Deal” (pun intended) about the Transition to Middle School

by Milan D and Will N, 4R

The transition is big. Lots of fifth graders worry about it. Will N and Milan D interviewed Zoe K about the transition.  What was the biggest difference from Lafayette to Deal? According to Zoe, “The biDeal MSggest one is less flexibility because there is no Flex time.” Lafayette provided recess, does Deal do the same? “Well, there is no playground equipment so you basically just walk around and talk to each other.”  How did Lafayette prepare you? “It prepared me to get outside of my bubble because other friends branch off.” Does Deal have a better sports program? “No”. Are the teachers harder on you at Deal? “Yes, very much.” Did you stay friends with kids that went to other schools? “Not really, I see them from time to time like at the park, but I really didn’t seem to stay friends with the ones I had at Lafayette.” It is only one grade, but there are a whole lot of changes. Talking with someone like Zoe helps get us prepared.