Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

By Jaya T., 4H

Last year for Spring Break, my parents and I went to Sri Lanka. We spent most of the time going to amazing tourist attractions with an awesome driver, Mr.Burtrem. One of the best places we went to was the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. The elephants at the orphanage are wild Asian elephants that were endangered in the forests of Sri Lanka. Pinnawala has the largest herd of captive elephants in the world, including 39 males, 49 females from 3 generations living in Pinnawala.

Things to do at the orphanage

  1. Baby elephant feeding time! (you do not get to feed them)
  2. Elephant feeding! (you can feed them!)
  3. Walking to bath
  4. Bath time!
  5. Poo paper

1.Watch these adorable mammals get fed out of bottles! Talk about milk, they drink four bottles, and they’re babies!

2. Grab some money and a hat ‘cause we’re going to the fields to feed the elephants. Don’t be afraid, it just tickles! Watch them eat a banana without peeling it, just sucking the thing from your hand. Includes basket of about 4-6 large pieces of fruit. And, of course, to answer your question, photos allowed.

3. Hup two, three, four. Hup two, three, four. The elephants go marching one by one right past your eyes, stomping down the dirt roads. Amazing to watch while choosing a nice hat for yourself.

4. Calling all rubber duckies, ‘cause it’s time for….BATHTIME. Watch all the elephants play in the water, washed by their mahouts*. You might need earphones because talk about loud elephant calls!
*a mahout is a man who works with, rides and tends elephants.

5. Poo paper, yuck. At this orphanage they take the elephant poo and turn it into paper. The steps are washing the poo, cooking, softening, setting,  drying, and now you have poo paper!  The poo is clean so it’s not  gross, and it’s just like normal paper.

Now you’ve got all the things you need, so time to go to Sri Lanka. Go to B199, Rambukkana 71100 Kandy, Sri Lanka