Interview with Coach Hover

By Caleb M., 4Coor, and Jacob B., 4CD

Bear Facts: What was the key trait you were looking for during the girl’s tryout?
Coach Hoover: Ball handling skills

BF:Do you play man or zone?

BF: What formation do you play?
CH: 23

BF:Are you happy about how the seasons gone so far?
CH: Yes, very happy!

BF:Do you use positions?
CH: Of course!

BF: When did you start coaching?
CH: 2002

BF: What’s your favorite thing about coaching?
CH: Being able to teach.

BF: Who was the hardest opponent you guys have faced?
CH: Hearst

BF:How many championships have you won?
CH: Boys and girls? 5

BF: What do you think you guys need to work on?
CH:Listening to the coach

BF: On average how many 4th grade girls make the team?
CH: 5 fourth graders

BF:Did you go to Lafayette?
CH: No, I went to Van Ness, then Jefferson, and then Wilson

BF:On average how many people try out?
CH: Boys and girls? 60