Emoji Popularity

By Jaya T., 4H

You’ve seen the emoji sensation, haven’t you? Lol, smiley face, I broke my phone sad face, things like that. According to research about 6 billion emojis are used every day. 6 billion emojis times the seven days of the week. You do the math: 7 times 6 billion. What’s your answer? The answer is 42,000,000,000,000. That crazy! That how many emojis are used all over the world in one week. Emojis’ population have beaten ours. They’re 42 billion an  we are 7.5 billion. That is about a 35 billion difference.

You know how everything is either made in Japan or China? Well guess what: emojis were too! In Japan, 1998-1999 the first emoji was made by Shigetaka Kurita who was working for a team called NTT DoCoMo’s i-mode mobile internet platform. As you can see his invention went far in life, but the thing is the more emojis people make the more they’re used and the more helpful emojis are. Question: if you had to make a helpful emoji that does not already exist what would it be?