Chronicling the World Baseball Classic 2017

By Evan W., 4H

Post #1

Right now the World Baseball Classic is on. Israel is doing well and this Friday the USA plays for the first time against Columbia.

Pool A                                   Pool B                               Pool C                         Pool D

Australia Chinese Tapei Canada Italy
China Korea Columbia Mexico
Cuba Kingdom of the Netherlands Dominican Republic Puerto Rico
Japan Israel U.S.A Venezuela

Post #2

Well it has been about a week since I last wrote. The U.S.A has made it to the next round. They beat Venezuela and tonight they play Puerto Rico. If they win they go to the 3rd round but if they lose they play another game. Well it has been really fun watching all these different countries play the game of Baseball. You never know who is going to win because all the teams are really well trained and good. The Netherlands are great, the Dominican Republic is great and Cuba is great. They’re all great.

Post #3

We are getting close to seeing the number 1 winner now that the semi finals are starting. I can not wait to see who will win. It is always hard to win in the World Baseball Classic. I love to watch these teams play. The 4 teams left are Japan and the Netherlands and Puerto Rico and last of all the U.S.A. These are 4 really good teams that are left in the bracket that are still playing. I wonder who will win the World Baseball Classic? I think you guys should  be a fan of any team you want to like or where you’re from or where your ancestors are from.

Post #4

Puerto Rico played the U.S.A after Puerto Rico beat the Netherlands and the U.S.A beat Japan. Puerto Rico was 7-0 and the U.S.A was 5-2 and in the game they had played before Puerto Rico won 6-5. I did not know who would win because the score of the game was pretty close. The U.S.A shut Puerto Rico out 8-0. Marcus Stroman got M.V.P of the tournament. It was a good tournament.