Super Bowl LI

By Caleb M., 4-Coor; Leo C., 4-Coor; and Rowan H., 4-Coor

NRG Stadium in Houston, TX before kickoff.  Photo by Brian Allen, courtesy of Voice of America.

Super Bowl LI was a fantastic showing for everybody. The Patriots and the Falcons, don’t those names sound  big? New England has had no shortage of Super Bowl trophies (the Lombardi Trophy). The Falcons on the other hand, have played 51 years and never won a Lombardi trophy, or gotten that close.

The game was tied until Atlanta got Devonta Freeman ran 5 yards and leaped into the end zone. Then, Matt Ryan threw a bullet pass to Atlanta’s tight end, Austin Hooper, for a 19-yard touchdown pass. Finally, Brady got his team fired up, and got so close. Tom Brady, for the eighth time in his career, threw a pick 6 to Robert Alford for a 82 yard return. Stephen Gostkowski nailed a 41 yard field goal, to close out the first half.

Lady Gaga performs “Poker Face” during the halftime show.  Photo by Brian Allen.  Photo courtesy of Voice of America.


The Lady Gaga halftime show was very interesting! First Lady Gaga was on the top of the stadium singing ‘God Bless America’ with drones behind her, forming the American flag. She bungee-jumped off the stadium. The songs that she sang were “Poker Face,” “Born This Way,” “I’m On The Right Track Baby,” “I Was Born To Survive,” and “Just Dance.” Then she went to the piano and sung “ A Million Reasons” and in the middle she shouted out “Hey Mom, Hey Dad.” The last song was “Bad Romance.”

Anyway, back to football. In the second half, things got a lot more interesting. Matt Ryan just barely fit a pass into Tevin Coleman’s catching range for a 6 yard touchdown. When the Patriots got a break (a five yard pass to James White). Stephen Gostkowski missed the extra point to make it 28 to 9. The Falcons were winning. In the fourth quarter, the Patriots kicker, Gostkowski got a 33 yard field goal. The field goal made the score 28-12, Atlanta was winning. In the fourth quarter, with 5 minutes and 56 seconds left, Brady hit Danny Amendola for a 6 yard pass. That made the score 28-20. Time was ticking when James White slid into the end-zone to make it 28-26. The Patriots had to go for the 2 point conversion. The Patriots stepped up in the clutch and made the two point conversion. Overtime was coming!

The Falcons kicker Matt Bryant kicked a touchback. Brady had a couple big plays that included: Danny Amendola for 10+ yards, a pass to Chris Hogan for 20+ yards, and a huge play to get the Patriots into the red zone. It was a pass to Edelman, and the ball was almost picked off, but Edelman somehow got his hand in there and caught it. Patriots fans couldn’t believe it. They actually had a chance at winning the Super Bowl! Brady got a couple of helpful run plays and there was James White at the 1 yard line, pushing his way into the end-zone. Many people think that White didn’t get in, but they’re wrong. White was in, even though it was close.

When the refs gave the signal, the Patriots swarmed the field. The fans came onto the field. After all, the Patriots had just come back from the biggest deficit in Super Bowl history!