Lafayette Basketball: February update

By Jack P., 5C

Lafayette Elementary School’s Boys and Girls Bears Basketball teams are off to a fine start. The Girls team has gone undefeated with a 4 and 0 record. The Boys have a 1 and 2 record. The Girls have played against Eaton, Janney, Shepherd, and Brightwood. The Boys have played against Hearst, Whittier and Sheperd. There are four coaches for the Bears;  Mr. Hoover, Mr. Johnson, Mr McCants, and Ms. Jordan. They all coach both teams. The team consists of 15 boys, 15 girls and 1 manager. Both teams practice twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. The girls games are on Tuesdays and the boys have games on Thursdays

The teams play and practice in the newly renovated Lafayette gym, the Bear Arena. I spoke with the team’s manager, Wyatt Corn, a Lafayette 4th grader, and got his thoughts on supporting the team and our new gym. “It is cool being the manager,” said Wyatt. “Bear arena is big and nice and supporting the team is fun and exciting.”

I also spoke with 2nd grader Anne Stillerman, a sister of one of the  players on the girls team. I talked with her about how she likes being a fan at the games. “I get to cheer on my sister.” she began. “I also get to talk with her friends at the game.” she said.

As you can see from these students, going to Lafayette Bears Basketball games is exciting and fun. You get to see great basketball in an awesome gym. So, please come and support the Lafayette basketball teams.  You can find the schedule at