Hamilton, The Musical – Review

Photo of Hamilton Playbill courtesy of Flickr user Travis Wise from April 28, 2016. 

By Caleb M., 4Coor & Owen S., 4H

This past year and a half, Hamilton has been broadway’s biggest hit. Hamilton won 11 Tony Awards. The creator of the the broadway hit, Hamilton is Lin-Manuel Miranda. He also plays Alexander Hamilton. Miranda has some experience with broadaway top selling plays. He wrote and starred in, In The Heights, which won 7 Tony’s. There has been a huge ticket rush for Hamilton. One single ticket in the first couple seatings would cost $950. I think that Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius to write a play about the first Secretary of Treasury.

Although the music and the storyline are amazing, it’s the cast that really brings out the talent and the brilliance of this play. Leslie Odom Jr. played Aaron Burr, Hamilton’s friend, but later his killer. Daveed Diggs, who plays Thomas Jefferson and Marquis De Lafayette. I think that Daveed Diggs is a key part of the play Hamilton. Diggs raps really fast and has amazing stage presence (has emotion on stage). Christopher Jackson plays General George Washington. Jackson was also in In The Heights with Miranda and Gonzalez. The under-study for Angelica is Mandy Gonzalez is also in In The Heights.

Okieriete Onaodowan plays James Madison and Hercules Mulligan. James Madison is friends with Thomas Jefferson. Milligan is friends with Alexander Hamilton, Marquis De Lafayette, and John Laurens. Throughout the play, everything cuts to King George III. He sings three songs, all with the same tune and Jonathan Groff does his incredible British accent.

In the beginning, everybody sings “Alexander Hamilton” the opening song Hamilton is in a pub in New York City with Aaron Burr, John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, and Marquis De Lafayette. They all sing in a song called “Aaron Burr, Sir.” Then Hamilton and Lin-Manuel Miranda rap about how he is “Not Throwing My Shot.” After “My Shot,” it’s off to “The Story of Tonight.” Then, we introduce the Schuyler Sisters in the song “The Schuyler Sister,” Angelica ( Actor: Renee Elise Goldsberry), Peggy ( actor Jasmine Cephas-Jones), and Eliza (Actor: Phillipa Soo) sing a whole song about who they are (born into a very rich and privileged family). Then a Farmer sings “Farmer Refuted.” Then King George III loses the war and sings “You’ll Be Back,” about how America will crawl back to the King. It goes from leader-to-leader. After King George III sings, on comes Washington to sing “Right Hand Man.” Then Burr sings about the “A Winter’s Ball.” In the Winter’s Ball, Eliza sings about how she is “ Helpless” to Hamilton. Then it skips to Alexander and Eliza’s wedding and Angelica gets to speak at the wedding, but while she’s speaking she blacks out and does a flashback and sings “Satisfied.” Then Laurens, Burr, Hamilton, Lafayette, and Mulligan croon out “Story of Tonight (reprise).” After “Story of Tonight (reprise),” Burr has his own song where he says I’m going to “Wait For It.” Then Hamilton sings about how bad a general Charles Lee is, in “Stay Alive.” Then Laurens has a duel with Charles Lee and Laurens shoots Lee in the song “Ten Duel Commandments.” After “Ten Duel Commandments” Burr, Hamilton, and Washington basically speak “Meet Me Inside.” Then, Eliza sings “That Would Be Enough.” Then Daveed Diggs and Lafayette rap about who he is in “Guns and Ships.” Then Washington sings to Hamilton about how “History Has It’s Eyes On You.”

In the middle, the battle of Yorktown begins and ends in the song “Yorktown.” Then King George III serenades the audience with “What Comes Next?” Then both Burr and Hamilton belt out “Dear Theodosia.” After “Dear Theodosia” the whole cast sings and raps about Hamilton in “Non-Stop,’’ and that’s all of Act 1!

After the intermission, the first song is Jefferson getting from Paris and singing “What Did I Miss.” Then after “What Did I Miss” Hamilton and Jefferson have a debate in “Cabinet Battle #1.” Then Eliza, Angelica, and Phillip sing “Take a Break” to Hamilton. After “Take a Break” Hamilton gets into some trouble with Maria Reynolds in “Say No To This.” Then Burr thinks about his life in “The Room Where It Happens.” After “The Room Where It Happens” Phillip, Eliza, and Hamilton sing about how mad they are at Burr for Phillip Schlyer (Eliza’s father). Then Jefferson and Hamilton have another fight in “Cabinet Battle #2.” Then Jefferson and Madison sing about how it would be nice to have “Washington On You Side.” After that, Washington sings to Hamilton saying “One Last Time.” Then, King George III sings about John Adams and sings “I Know Him.” After “I Know Him,” the whole cast basically says “The Adams Administration.”

In the end Burr, Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton sing “We Know.” After that, Hamilton belts out “Hurricane.” Then Jefferson, Burr, and Madison say “Never gonna be President Now” in the song “The Reynolds Pamphlet.” Then Eliza gets the letter that says Hamilton got in trouble and she sings “Burn.” After that, Phillip sings how he will “Blow Us All Away” but Phillip also dies in “Blow Us All Away.” After “Blow Us All Away,” Eliza, Angelica, and Hamilton sing “Stay Alive (Reprise).” Next, Hamilton and Eliza serenade the audience with “It’s Quiet Uptown.” Subsequently, Jefferson, Madison, Burr, and Hamilton sing, rap, and basicly speak in “The Election Of 1800.” In that song Burr campaigns to be president, it’s a tie between Burr and Jefferson. Hamilton is the tie breaker in the senate, Hamilton is the last voter and he promotes Jefferson. Burr is furious with Hamilton. Then, Burr and Hamilton write to each other and they sing what they write in “Your Obedient Servant.” Burr challenges Hamilton to a duel on July 12 at 7:00 AM in Weehawken, New Jersey and Hamilton accepts the offer from Mr. Burr. After “Your Obedient Servant” Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler Hamilton sing “Best Of Wives And Best Of Women.” After that, Hamilton and Burr sing “The World Was Wide Enough,” and then Hamilton dies in a duel against Aaron Burr. The end of the whole play is the song  “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,” Eliza, Madison, Jefferson, Burr, Hamilton, and everybody else in the cast sing it. I think the 4th graders should listen to the clean versions of the songs in class because they’re studying the revolutionary war.