Why Was Bryce Harper so Bad in the Second Half of the 2016 Baseball Season?

Photo courtesy of wikimedia commons author, Johnmaxmena2 May 17, 2015. 

Caleb M., 4Coor; and Spencer J., 4R

Last year, (the 2015 season) National’s right fielder Bryce Harper, was the National League Most Valuable Player and led the league with a .330 batting average, 42 home runs, and 118 runs scored. In 2016 though, Bryce hit a .243 batting average with 24 home runs and an additional 84 runs scored. People thought that Harper might make it to the record books, but that was in 2015. Now fans in D.C are disgusted at Harper’s pitiful performance in the playoffs.

Bryce Harper went 4 for 17 against the Dodgers pitching staff. In the first half of the season Harper hit 19 home runs, went 74 for 289 and 52 RBIs. In the second half, Harper hit 5 home runs, he went 49 for 217 and 34 RBIs.

When Harper got injured, people were worried that he might not be back for the playoffs. In a game against the Pirates, Harper hit a ball off the right field wall. Bryce was going to third when the third baseman faked a catch and Bryce slid into third off balance thinking that the play was close. Bryce caught his thumb on the bag and tore a ligament in his left thumb and left his confidence on the bag. He was on the 15 day disabled list. Bryce came back from the injury but wasn’t the same.                                  

In conclusion, National’s fans hope Bryce Harper will be back to his MVP self and hope he will have a much better season in 2017.