Top 5 NFL Rookies of the 2016-2017 Season

By Samuel, J. and Noah, P., 4CD

We all know there a lot of NFL rookies but we decided to focus on the best so here they are.

#1 Ezekiel Elliott: He had 665 rushing yards after week six!

#2 Dak Prescott: After Tony Romo went down the Dallas Cowboys made the right choice with a Dak who had a completion rate of 56.1%.

#3 Jack Conklin RT: He is a player on the Tennessee Titans with the highest pass block grade among the team’s linemen.

#4 Carson Wentz: The Philadelphia Eagles picked up this quarterback after the Eagles traded Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings. He’s bean a great rookie and he’s broken 18 tackles.

#5 Jared Goff: The Los Angeles Rams made the wrong choice by starting Goff on week 11, I mean you draft somebody in the first round and don’t start them? Just bad calling by the coach.

Those are the top 5 draft picks for the 2016-2017 season. Hope you enjoyed!