Pardon the Turkey

Photo courtesy of Lawrence Jackson on Wikimedia Commons November 25, 2009. 

By: Hannah L., 5H

Abe and Honest, Honest and Abe. Those are the names of the turkeys that President Obama pardoned last year. Every year he takes two turkeys and he sets them free in a big enclosure so that they can live a long (and uncooked) life. He also does a speech with it in the rose garden of the white house. Since Obama is not leaving until mid January he is going to do the pardon again this year.

Last year I got the awesome experience of getting to see the pardon in person. As soon as we sat down the President and his wife and daughters came out and he immediately started his speech. It was very funny, but the woman in front of me had a crying baby so most of the speech was drowned in sobs. At one point in the middle of the speech the turkey jumped off of the table and started hopping around. Everyone was very surprised but eventually the turkey got back up on the table. The turkey pardon was one of the coolest (and funniest) things i have ever seen, so if you ever get the chance, go for it!