DC Statehood

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Michelle Kinsey Bruns. 

By Alice S., 5C; and Samantha G., 5H

Do you want DC Statehood? If you do, you’re in luck because it was on the ballot this year! If you don’t want DC Statehood don’t worry because some people in DC don’t want DC Statehood. A lot would change if DC became a state. We would get to elect senators, representatives, and some other positions.

President elect Donald J. Trump believes he will base his decision on the people. On August 17, the president stated, “whatever’s best for them” though he does not think it will be a possibility. We asked students at Lafayette if they wanted DC Statehood. 82 percent of the students wanted DC Statehood and 18 percent didn’t want DC Statehood. If you want DC Statehood maybe buy some merchandise. There is merchandise that has been made that celebrates DC as a state. Mr. Foley shared his thoughts on DC Statehood. “I am good with 50 states but I want DC to have the same rights as states do.”