English Premier League

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Lee Davy.

By Rowan H., 4CD & Tom M., 4H

These soccer players are special, especially the top ten! These players were ranked and believe me it’s because they are that good! This “team” would be really good if they were put together! What do you think?

20. Juan Mata, this midfielder from Spain is a very quick person and is just right for this position.

19. Olivier Giroud, this French striker is great for this position and is just right. I think he could be ranked even higher!

18. Branislav Ivanovic, this defender can be awesome he has been a great star in the Premier League.

17. Christian Eriksen, this player’s free kicks are legendary almost as good as Ronaldo’s!

16. Philippe Coutinho, this player is really close to perfect for a fantasy team!

15. John Terry,this defender is a great goal scorer!

14. Santi Cazorla, this player is the team’s star. Well second star, but this player can get a bunch of goals so watch out!

13. Yaya Toure, this star has a strong point and he is that good. 

12. Thibaut Courtois, this talented goalie can stop you! Yeah, I’m talking to you Messi!

11. Raheem Sterling, this man is the key to complete Manchester City.

10. Nemanja Matic, this player has been climbing the table for a long time.

9. Harry Kane, this player has only been playing for a little while but is awesome!

8. David De Gea, this goalie is the best in the league!

7. Wayne Rooney, this player is a person that scored a lot more than 50 goals in his career.

6. David Silva, this midfielder can not be caught!

5. Cesc Fabregas, this player is so quick you should watch out!

4. Diego Costa, this player can beat you to the goal

3. Sergio Aguero, this guy is great but never made it to be that famous.

2.Alexis Sanchez, he can chip your goalie with power!

1. Eden Hazard, this guy can juke you then rush up and Score he is perfect for this position!

The End!