Student Council elections

Jack P., 5C

On Tuesday, November 1, one week before the Presidential election,  Lafayette Elementary School held their student council officer elections. More than 42 Lafayette students ran for office.

This year saw some changes for the Lafayette Student Council.  We have a new faculty member leading us, Ms. Stephanie Moore, a Special Education teacher who brought some new ideas from her previous experience with student councils from other schools.

Thanks to Ms Moore, we have a new position on the student council called Historian. The Historian’s job is to record what is happening in the school and collect information and pictures during the school year. Ms Moore told  that one reason why she added this new position was because, “ Lafayette has some amazing traditions that students often write and talk about and I thought it would be great for them to be a part of documenting those events on film.”

Also this year for the first time, Lafayette fourth graders got to run for four new officer positions: Co-Vice President, Co-Secretary, Co-Treasurer and Co-Historian.  5th graders got to run for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Historian.

Kinzly Gootman was elected President,  Marcus Han won Vice President, Eddy Hoover is our new treasurer, Jack Pagano won as Secretary and Laura Martinelli is Lafayette’s first historian.  

“I ran for President because I saw ways to improve our school for classmates, like starting a career day and bringing back special school traditions. My sister also was President four years ago and I learned if you want things to change you need to work yourself to make it happen,” said President Gootman.

The winners for the 4th grade elections were Sophie Folds for Co-Vice President. Caleb Murphy won Co-Secretary and Gabriella Goldstein clinched as Co-Treasurer and last but not least, Evan Jansen won Co-Historian.

Sophie Folds, the 4th Grade Co-Vice President told me, “It is very exciting. I feel very happy about winning and I am very thankful to everybody who voted for me.”

Each student who ran for office had to write a short essay, make two posters and give a two minute speech to all the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who vote in the elections. Posters were very creative and included lights, photos, dogs and a take on the musical “Hamilton.”

Ms Moore said, “I believe that the 4th and 5th grade working together will build community and teach teamwork, togetherness and shared responsibility that are skills which will carry students throughout life.

The first job as officers of the Student Council was to run a bake sale on Election Day at the school outside the polls. The Student Council made posters and ran the sale. All of the proceeds raised went to support Student Council sponsored events like the Winter Dance.