NFL Leading QBs

Quarterback, Andrew Luck versus the Browns in 2014. Photo courtesy of Erik Daniel Drost on Flickr December 27, 2014.

By Isaiah M. and Quinn J., 5H

The QBs in the NFL have been doing well this year. The ones that have been doing the best are Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton, Eli manning, Andrew Luck, and Drew Brees.

Matt Ryan is having a great season on the Falcons and has thrown 2,075 yards. He has also run for 12 touchdowns.

Matt Ryan was drafted round 1 pick 3 in the 2008 draft out of Boston College for the Atlanta Falcons. He has been one of the best quarterbacks ever.

Next we have Eli Manning who has thrown for 1,788 yards. He was first drafted to the Chargers in the 2004 draft. He became a Giant in 2014. Eli Manning went to the University of Mississippi where he started his freshman year.

Now we have Andy Dalton he was drafted in 2011 from TCU. He has thrown for 1,757 yards. He is currently on the Cincinnati Bengals. He went high in the draft 2 round 35th pick.

Drew Brees is currently on the New Orleans Saints. This season he has thrown for  1,734 yards. He has thrown 14 touchdowns this season which is really good too. He went to Purdue University, and was drafted in 2001 round 2, pick 32.

The last one is Andrew Luck who has thrown for 1,721 yards and has thrown 11 touchdowns. He is on the Indianapolis Colts. His draft class was 2014 where he was the 1st round first pick! He went to Stanford University and was born in DC!