MVP and Cy Young Award predictions

By Ian S., 4Coor; Owen M., 4Coor; and Evan J., 4R

Here are our  predictions for the AL and NL Cy Young Award and MVP.  Daniel  Murphy of our Washington Nationals will most likely win the NL MVP. Murphy has had a great season. He was ranked 24th in the NL with 25 home runs. He was ranked 5th with 185 hits! He was second with a .347 batting average. Murphy was 4th with 104 RBI.

We think Jose Altuve will win the AL MVP. Altuve did amazing, unlike his team, the Astros. He has 216 hits, which is first in the AL. He is ranked 2nd in stolen bases with 30. Altuve was ranked 1st in batting average with .338. He was ranked 5th with a .928 on-base percentage.

Max Scherzer pitching against the Orioles on July 11, 2015.  Photo by Keith Allison, available on Flickr.

We believe that our hometown hero Max Scherzer will win the NL Cy Young. He is one of the best pitchers in the MLB with an ERA of 2.96. He is ranked 8th in that category. He is 1st in strikeouts with 284. He won 20 games this season! He was the only pitcher in the NL to accomplish this amazing feat.

Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander has a very good chance of winning the AL Cy Young.  He was one of the best pitchers with an ERA of 3.04. He has the 2nd best in the AL. He had the most strikeouts with 254. He has a 16-9 record, which is 6th in the AL.

All of these players are very good.  Let’s see if they win the awards!

Thank you for reading.