Life as an ST Math Penguin

Gigi the ST Math Penguin. Photo available on wikipedia from and The GIMP

By Ailani C., 4CD and Ashley N., 4CD                             

       One day a penguin came out of his egg. “Hi world,” said the penguin when his mother Gogo came over.  “I will call you Gigi,” said Gogo. “You will make a BIG difference in schools,” said Gogo. “Ok,” squeaked Gigi. “Soon you will be going to penguin school,” said Gogo.

On the first day of penguin school Gigi made a new friend name Mimi. They were very good penguin students. One day during indoor recess Gigi and Mimi invented a fun math game called  ST Math on a programming app. After they were done, Mimi and Gigi showed their teacher Ms. Icey. She was surprised by the work they have done. “We can use this COOL new learning technology for human schools,” said Ms. Icey. As they grew up they started to make new levels for the game. The first level for the game was called “Gigi Parts.” They made different levels for different grades. Soon they were very popular at penguin school.

One day Gigi’s class had Technology. Someone in Gigi’s class was nibbling on the computer. While Gigi was asking his Tech teacher, Mr. Squeak, to upload his app on Penguin School website, bright purple lights were around the room. Suddenly Gigi disappeared. Mr. Squeak saw Gigi on the computer on Gigi’s game homepage. The class started to tap on the computer screen. Mr. Squeak looked up on the computer, how to get penguins out of computers. Mr. Squeak read out, “You have to build a penguin portal.” The class and Mr. Squeak started to build the penguin portal. Finally, they were done. Again, the room was filled with purple lights. POP, Gigi came back! They went back home. “THIS WAS SUCH A FUN DAY,” said Gigi to Gogo.