Interview with Coach Bell

By Natalie G., 5C and Hannah L., 5H

Introduction: In October we interviewed Coach Bell (the guy that makes sure you don’t break your neck at recess). He has started a flag football team so we asked him a few questions in case the team in the spring any of you wanted to join. Or in any other case you are welcome to read our interview. So go ahead, read it all!!!!!!

SXR: What are some of the skill that the people on the team need?
CB: Speed, good footwork, good hands, and good decision making.

SXR: Do you think that the team will be successful over the course of the season?
CB: Yes I do, but it can only be accomplished with good teamwork, dedication, and hard work.

SXR: What is the team name and what color are the jerseys?
CB: The Minnesota Vikings, and the jerseys are purple and yellow.

SXR: Do you think your players are blending well?
CB: Well, there have been a couple arguments but we are working on it.

SXR: What gave you the idea to start the team?
CB: The absence of the school team the past two years.

SXT: Where does the team play?
CB: Carter Barin soccer fields.

SXR: How much do you think the team is going to progress over the year?
CB: They have taken big leaps offensively but they are still working hard with defense.

SXR: How competitive are they with the other teams?
CB: We could be more competitive.

SXR: Do you have a special chant?
CB: No, but they did do a, “One, two, three, SAVAGE.”

SXR: How many kids are on the team?
CB: There are eleven players on the team and we are the biggest team in the league.

SXR: When are the practices?
CB: They are right before the games.

SXR: Do you have an assigned positions?
CB: We only have assigned positions for offense. With defense we do person to person.