Interview with Mr. Johnson

By Fiona O., 4H and Sophie F., 4CD

Coach Johnson

Sports Extreme: Why do you coach?
Mr.Johnson: First of all, I have a love for basketball, and the students at Lafayette have a love for basketball, and to let other schools know we are a school of not only academics, but athletics too.
SX: What made you want to coach?
MJ: It’s my favorite sport and I played basketball in college and high school and I still play it now  –  on the weekends. I grew up playing it as a kid.
SX: Is there anything you don’t like about coaching?
MJ: Not really. Just that the season is too short. I am very happy that we have a gym this year so we can have home games.
SX: What year was your favorite when coaching?
MJ: 2005-2006 because we had a perfect season. We were undefeated, and we won the championship, for the girls. We came up with a slogan, “Fear The Bears.”
SX: How long have you been coaching the team?
MJ: In 2004 I started the basketball league with Ms. Di Renzo.
SX: What do you like about coaching the team?
MJ: I like seeing the growth and development of the students. And it’s also great to see how the students learn to rely on each other. It helps enable the kids to rely and respect each other.
SX: Ok, well thank you for your time. Bye!
MJ: Bye!