Trea and Murphy, two awesome hitters who changed the Nats

By Harrison E. and Alex B., 5G; and Will N., 5C.

When you think of the Nats, who do you think of? If you are anything like us you think of Trea Turner and Daniel Murphy. These two players changed the Nats and boosted them into the playoffs. Along with manager Dusty Baker and a stellar pitching staff and lineup, they are a unstoppable force. With a great postseason with the Mets, the Nats acquired Daniel Murphy in a lucky trade. Trea Turner was a call up in the middle of the season . With a batting average of .342 he did better than Bryce Harper who was with them the entire year. Daniel Murphy had a batting average of .347, a hit total of 184 and the most RBI’s on the Nats with 104. Also 25 home runs is amazing for Daniel Murphy. Trea Turner had 105 hits, 40 RBI’s and 13 home runs, amazing for a midseason call up.

Trea Turner signs baseballs on August 23, 2016.  Photo by Keith Allison.  Available on Flickr.
Daniel Murphy at bat on March 18, 2016. Photo by Flickr user slgckgc.

That is our review on Trea Turner and Daniel Murphy the two hitters who put the Nats in the playoffs but could not get them far enough to beat the Dodgers. As a second baseman, centerfielder, and shortstop Trea Turner was just as valuable on defense as he was on offense. Daniel Murphy played any position in the infield and he was a beast  on defense. Daniel Murphy lost the National league batting average title by 1 point because DJ LeMahieu missed the last game. That is our story on Daniel Murphy and Trea Turner.