Ms. McClure’s rugby experience

By Alice S., 5C and Samantha G., 5H

Ms. McClure

Sports X-Treme: Hi Ms. McClure.
MM: Hi Alice and Samantha, welcome to our beautiful office. I can’t wait to talk about my favorite sport, rugby.
SXR: When did you start rugby?
MM: When I was in seventh grade I had a little unit but really started playing rugby at Boston University.
SXR: What has been your favorite thing about teaching rugby?
MM: Getting to teach all the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students one of my passions.
SXR: What was your favorite moment when you played?
MM: One of my favorite moments was when I was playing for my club and we were going to nationals and I had to fill in for the leader of the team who had just gotten sick but we ended up winning even though we were the underdogs.
SXR: What do you like best about rugby?
MM: That it is a true team sport and everybody has to contribute to be successful. I like the intensity.
SXR: Who taught you rugby?
MM: Many people taught me rugby biggest influence was Kevin O’Brian. He was a coach from Wales who came to teach my club when I was very young.
SXR: How old were you when you made the national team?
MM: I was 26.
SXR: How did you feel when you made your first Try, how old were you?
MM: My very first game. I had butterflies in my stomach. I scored a try on a dummy but man it was cold.
SXR: How long did you play rugby for?
MM: I played for 15 years.
SXR: Was there ever a time when you wanted to quit rugby?
MM: No, but there came a time when I knew I couldn’t play.
SXR: How did you find out about rugby?
MM: Well, as I said before I learned about it in seventh grade.
SXR: How has rugby affected your life?
MM: Rugby taught me many things never give up, always give it your best, try try again, and I made many friends.
SXR: Thanks Ms. McClure that was great.
MM: You are welcome.