Interview with Mrs. Culver

By Leah L., 4CD and Elena L., 4CJ

Mrs. Culver

Bear Facts Reporters: Hi Mrs.Culver.
BF Reporters: What do you think/like about the new school?
Mrs.Culver: I like it’s size, colors, high ceilings, and the classrooms.
BF Reporters: Which do you like best, the trailers, the old school, or the new school?
Mrs.Culver: My favorite is the new school because it’s safer, prettier, and there’s more space.
BF Reporters: What grades have you taught, and which one was your favorite?
Mrs. Culver: I taught all of the grades except 1st grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade. I really liked all of them, but I don’t like the testing in the upper grades.
BF Reporters: Neither do we!!
BF Reporters: Do you think twins should be in the same class?
Mrs. Culver: I think it’s a decision that should be made by the parents, the twins, and the school. As long as they work  well together I think it’s okay.
BF Reporters: What do you like about your twins, Milan and London, being in the same class?
Mrs. Culver: I like that they have the same homework and the same field trips.
BF Reporters: Thank you so much for talking to us, bye!