An interview with Mrs. Campbell, one of our favorite teachers

By Susanna O., 4Cj and Jaya T., 4H

Mrs. Campbell

Bear Facts:Do you have any jobs after school?
Ms. Campbell: I tutor students and I am a coach for cross country and track.
Bear Facts: How long have you been working with students?
Mrs.Campbell: I’ve been working with students for more than fifteen years.
Bear Facts: Do you like the new school?
Mrs. Campbell: Yes!I like the new school. I love how clean it is and how colorful the hallways are.
Bear Facts: Do you have any pets and how many?
Mrs.Campbell: Yes! I have one cat named Cricket.
Bear Facts: What is your favorite subject?
Mrs.Campbell: Gym is my favorite. I like it because it allows me to run and get my energy out.
Bear Facts: Thank you for letting us interview you.
Mrs. Campbell: You’re very welcome.